Building Moose Mountain

Building a Place Everyone Can Enjoy

Learn more about how our park came to life in Richmond, ME

Having a place the whole family can enjoy starts with the hardest critics to please - the kids. Moose Mountain Adventure Park in Richmond, ME found its footing when our owner sat down with their kids and dreamed up a mini golf course they'd love to play on. With their input, we designed an amazing space that feels like an adventure. Built by his own construction company, our owner knows our park inside and out.

Reach out to us today for more information on our park.

How did we build our park?

Building our park was a lengthy process, but it was well worth the wait. Our construction process lasted two years and included:

  • Ledge blasting to carve the space we needed out of the mountain
  • Digging and concrete work to create amazing water features
  • General construction work to build out every space
Throughout it all, we kept the happiness of our guests in mind. Contact us now for more information on our mini golf course.